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Changing the Min Amt of a Recurring Donation on Check Out Page Created on the Portal

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  • Changing the Min Amt of a Recurring Donation on Check Out Page Created on the Portal

    I'm trying to reduce the min amt of a recurring donation from $40 to $5 and can't figure out where that setting is in the Portal where the page was created. I changed the Recurring Policies set up in Account Info; the warning is now at $10 as a minimum. I set two different Recurring Payment options up [Installment and Subscription], each with a $5 minimum. Can you please advise why the message says $10 minimum for recurring payment? Here is the link to the donation page, thanks!

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    Good day!

    Please do NOT iframe the classic pages. They use cookies & as such Apple Safari users cannot use this page. Safari will block third party cookies. We do NOT recommend iframing these pages.

    If you switch to the Connect widgets you will be able to use them as iframe and they offer you a lot more capabilities. Please see:

    The Connect platform is the next release of our platform and the page you are currently using will be phased out in 2016. You can read all about Connect and what you can do in the KB articles available here:

    The fields are completely adjustable.

    Please switch to Connect and let us know if you have any questions.
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