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Swiper not bringing in address or phone information

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  • btaoregon
    Perfectly! Thank you!

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    Address & Swiper? Are you expecting the 3 track card reader to have the card holder address?

    The 3 track card reader on the back of a credit card does not have the billing address. The only information available in the track data is the full name and credit card number.

    In Swiper1 you may enable address where it allows you to type the address by asking the card holder otherwise Swiper1 has no way of getting the address just from the credit card. This is not a configuration issue-- the data is just not available. I guess it is a security issue- losing one's credit card will expose where one lives.. may not be a good idea.

    Hope that answers your question.

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  • Swiper not bringing in address or phone information

    NOOB question: We recently used our Swiper1 at an event and were surprised when more information (such as address) didn't come through with the swipe. Is that a configuration issue? We're having problems sending membership cards to folks who swiped their $35 when we don't have their address, email or phone number.

    Sample attached.