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Deleting duplicate or expired pledges in Salesforce

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  • Deleting duplicate or expired pledges in Salesforce

    I have pledges that were made with expired credit cards. These pledges exist in Salesforce, but originated from C & P. I tried to delete each Salesforce Opportunity, but they reappeared. The same thing happens when we have a pledge for a recurring payment and then the pledge is paid but appears as a second donation rather than fulfillment of the pledge. I tried deleting the duplicate pledges leaving only the posted donation but the pledges reappear. Please advise how to remove these pledges from Salesforce so they remain deleted. Thank you.

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    Good day.

    Please take the Order #'s and go to C&P Settings > Maintenance and delete them in the maintenance.

    The self-healing feature reviews your instance every morning at 3 a.m. and locates all discrepancies between the Transactions & the records in the C&P Data. Once a difference has been identified the system will run the C&P Data to resolve the missing information.

    If you wish to remove something completely you have to delete its record in the C&P Data. Deleting it in the Maintenance tab will resolve the issue.

    Hope that answers the question.
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