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2 C&P Transactions with the same C&P Order ID

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  • 2 C&P Transactions with the same C&P Order ID

    This is more an FYI than a request for help although confirmation that it is OK to delete a duplicate Temporary Contact would be helpful.

    Situation: During the Seattle Foundation GiveBIG we used C&P to capture all the transactions in Salesforce. This was great! We did have one C&P transaction that created 2 Temporary Contacts for the same C&P Order Number. We created a new contact from one of these but now there is the remaining duplicate in our Temporary Contacts. Is it safe to delete this?

    Note: We have 2 C&P Transactions (#0443 and #0444) which both refer to the same C&P Order number: 1405062326062705795 If I delete this Temporary Contact I don't want an inadvertent cascade delete operation to delete the C&P Order record that seems to be shared by both C&P Transactions.



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    Good day @Charles,

    Glad to hear GiveBig went great for you. It was quite a successful event - congratulations.

    I am quite surprised that a single transaction has created 2 Temporary Contacts. That is unheard of since it makes no sense within our scope.

    May we login to your account & review the 2 Temp Contacts you are referring to? Not sure how a single trigger can fire twice!
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      Yes, I agree this is odd behavior. Please login to our instance to see what you can learn. I have just granted you all access.