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Can you send an autoresponder on demand?

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  • Can you send an autoresponder on demand?

    Is it possible to send an salesforce autoresponder "on demand"? Create a queue item that pulls in a specific template, autoresponder, and transaction and then sends it to the contact? We're trying to create a way for special receipts to be sent on a very random basis that staff can edit to add a personal note to, before sending.


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    Good day @Perc-BRC,

    This is not currently possible as the "Autoresponder" goes out when a transaction occurs and is not intended to be a messaging app.

    We are working on messaging features in the upcoming features and will consider this request in those features. In this release (9.10xx) we have send SMS which may be used for sending SMS to contacts but the email is not yet implemented.

    You may want to review this KB article:

    Hope that answers the question.
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      Thanks for the info; a send on-demand email thank you that pulls in transaction info would be very helpful! To help discussions about it as a new feature: This would be most helpful for adding a personal note to large donor's thank yous when you have them on a delay. That way the donor still receives their receipt information and any standard language you want to share and it's recorded in salesforce, but you can also appropriately address them. SMS is very cool, but not personal enough for major donor engagement in this use case.

      I've figured out how to create my own autoresponder queue items by hand, but it won't let me point to a different template than is set in the the Autoresponder record. So close!