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Report needed for daily summary

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  • Report needed for daily summary

    In an attempt to reproduce a report we use in our legacy system, I'm running up against a problem. The report we need (or at least have become accustomed to) lists each transaction of the previous day. The key data in this report is transaction amount, transaction type, donor contact information, and gift designation or target project. What I'm finding is that an Opportunity report doesn't contain contact information of the donor and a Transaction report doesn't contain the project information. Opportunities do have a field "C&P Contact", but I can't figure out how to join the Contact table to get details from the Contact record. I understand that Transaction to Opportunity is a one-to-many relationship, so it's not within the database architecture to pull in opportunity detail into a transaction report.

    Am I missing something? Is the report I'm after not possible without custom scripting?

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    If I use Account information instead of Contact information in the Transaction report, I get almost everything I need. The only thing missing is Email address, so I tried adding an email address custom field to the Account object. Then, in C&P Settings, I went to the bottom section of the Contact & Account tab to map Account Email to Contact Email, but the custom Account field doesn't appear in the pulldown. Should this work?