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Refund through Salesforce?

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  • Refund through Salesforce?

    I need to issue a refund and the only instructions I've found require me to log in to something called "Connect" for which I'm pretty sure I don't have an account. I could try to set one up but I've already got something like three different Click and Pledge accounts and it seems silly to think that none of them include a refund function...

    Is Connect the only way to process a refund or is there a way to do it through Salesforce or the Click and Pledge portal? If it has to happen through Connect, will it be recorded in Salesforce?

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    Good day @MGruber

    All of our clients are on Connect. Your organization's connect page:

    At the top click on the Organization Login and use the same information you use in the Portal to login. Only account admins have access to the Connect platform.

    To learn more about Connect you may want to review:

    I hope that helps.

    Please let us know if we can be of more help.
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