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Definition and limitations of Campaigns

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  • Definition and limitations of Campaigns

    I'm in the midst of evaluating Click & Pledge and the Salesforce Foundation Nonprofit Starter Pack for our organization. The question I'm wrestling with at the moment centers around the idea of fund allocation. First, a little background: We process donations for many projects and individuals. Each project/individual does their own "deputized fundraising" and receives a large portion of the funds twice per month into their own account. In the case of individuals, it looks much like a twice-monthly paycheck. Of course, due to IRS rules, our org must demonstrate control of these funds, but that's getting a little off subject.

    So, the question is, what is the correct way to tag opportunities so that accounting and reporting works as good as possible? Campaigns seem to be the best fit from what I've seen, but in all my reading, campaigns appear to be short-duration efforts. Are there limitations that would make my suggested application not work with campaigns? Is there a better way to implement my system? And finally, do Click & Pledge campaigns and NPSP campaigns play well together?

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    Good day @SS57,

    Not knowing a lot about your system and going solely on what you wrote I suggest SKU's to be used for this. Each of your fundraisers may be assigned an SKU for their donation and donations for these individuals will be marked accordingly. You may customize the opportunity to have different names, etc. based on SKU's.

    I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you wish to see more examples.
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      I was wondering if SKU might be simpler. Will proceed down this path and report back if I run into challenges. Thank you.