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Reporting on Custom Questions

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  • Reporting on Custom Questions

    Hi, I have a question about building event reports (not using the prebuilt ones inlcuded on the event page UI).

    We are having some difficulty getting individual question responses to appear along with contact/temporary contact registration information. The goal would be to have registration information on a registered attendee on a single line .

    [Name] [Email] [Ticket Level] [Reponse to Custom Question 1] [Response to Custom Question 2}

    When building reports, is there a prebuilt report type we should be referencing for getting these reponses in line with registrant information?


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    Good day!

    I moved the post to its appropriate forum. You had posted to the Report-as-a-Service API forum which is related to our API (RaaS platform).

    This has been brought up before and it seems like the only way we can do this is to make the custom questions a related list for opportunity. The problem is what would you do when you have 10 products in the basket and 2 questions. How can each product be related to the same questions?

    Right now the custom questions have Order Number and as such they are related to the Transaction entry. Opportunities also have Order Number. There is no link between custom question and the opportunity as the relationship is many-to-many.

    How do you see this work?
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      What report can be used that will allow me to get the custom question answers? For instance I need to know how many different sizes of T-Shirts I need to order, the question is based under the Level, so I would like to be able to run a report that contains the "level's" name and T-Shirt Size. The reports do not seem to have the ability to add or change the fields used in the report?