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Contacts who donate as Individuals and Corporations

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  • Contacts who donate as Individuals and Corporations

    I know this topic has been rehashed but let's get it going one more time..

    Typically the orgs I work with lean far enough towards individual giving or corporate giving that we can tailor our configuration accordingly and live with a few duplicates. But now I am working with an org that has active giving campaigns for both and won't settle for something in between.

    The usual: Opportunities ties to Account. When a donation comes in, we need to know the Contact so we can acknowledge them, send them a tax receipt, contact role, etc.

    The set up: A Contact wants to donate individually and also is the Contact at a corporation that donates.

    The snag: How to avoid having duplicate contacts and still using the full functionality of Click and Pledge - and all the other cool tools non-profits rely on?

    Suggestions, work arounds? I have a handful but each one has exceptions and cases that don't make it a complete solution. This isn't a C&P issue - just the result of extending the commercial SalesForce model to the non-profit model. It is what it is and I've seen the requests for SF changes. I'm just putting it out there to see if any of you smarty pants figured out a workaround via C&P.

    C&P - what about something like Corporate Accounts don't have Contacts but instead have Affiliated Contacts. Then Individual Contacts would have Organization Affiliations to the Corps they work for. When a Contact with an 'Active' Organization Affiliation makes a Donation, Temporary Contacts could catch it and ask if the donation should be applied to the Contact's Organization or the Contact's Affiliation Organization. Autoresponder would have the smarts to choose the appropriate C&P Designer templates and Account merge fields for Individual scenarios and Corporate scenarios.

    Thanks for your input!