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  • Bank Deposit Report

    Hello, We need a report that shows what is transmitted to the bank on what day from which customers.The settlement report seems to be just a transaction report with two days added to it. Where can we find such a report which is essential for our ability to reconcile Click and Pledge activity to our bank account. It was fine before when we only had a few transactions each month, however, we had a big month in November and the transactions are coming into our account at all different times. Some seem to be held and then cleared at a later time this means that we cannot tie these transactions to specific customers. How are other folks doing this so they can tie these out? Our business office is pretty baffled and a bit frustrated.

    I have searched the forums and the articles and only came up with the basic report article called "Bank Deposits and Fee Withdrawals" and another "How to Run a Report on Deposits"

    Thanks very much for your help,

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    Good day Tom,

    When using Transfirst you may actually see your deposit stream on their site by registering at:

    It will help you download deposit receipts and match it against our posts. In general each deposit takes 48 hours to deposit but echecks sometimes vary based on the bank. Unfortunately we don't have any way (currently) to know what deposits are made by Transfirst. We are working with them to automate this with a new platform they are about to release.

    Please let us know if the above provides the help you need.
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