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Transaction not posting to SF

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  • Transaction not posting to SF


    The following transaction order number from 12/22/13 has not posted to Salesforce: 1312222153373911007

    We have tried using the "Push to Salesforce" option, but the button does not appear anywhere to be able to execute this. Would you be able to do this for us?


    Cliff Archey
    The New York Foundling.

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    Good day @cliff.archey,

    If you don't see the push to salesforce option means that indicates data has already posted to Salesforce.

    To make sure that transactions are failing please verify C&P Data and see if the data is not already in there. There may be an error that has stopped processing of that transaction after the post. Check and search in Salesforce for that. Do you see that order number in C&P Data?

    C&P Data shows an error in processing the data. Please verify that the C&P Data has posted and that there are no errors in the Error section towards the bottom of the page.

    Please review and let us know if you find any error message.



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      Yes, I see the following error message in SF:

      Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INVALID_EMAIL_ADDRESS, Email: invalid email address: [email protected].: [Email]

      When typing the name of the donors, the following C&P transaction ID appears: Transaction-0248. That is all that exists in SF at the moment, but there are a long list of formulas associated with the above error message. Please let me know if this is the problem, and the steps to reconcile.

      Thanks very much,



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        Hi Cliff,

        have you put an email validation in your contact?

        It seems like the email is not well formed and has an invalid format. Please check the XML in the C&P Data and see what email is posted.

        What form has been used for this transaction?
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          The only area where I see XML is listed as follows: ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?

          The form used for the transaction was our custom API on our website at the following URL:

          This is the first and only time we've seen an issue such as this arise.


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            What you are saying is not quite clear for me.

            - Go to C&P Data
            - Find the transaction and click on the order number
            - the XML has a node for email - review and let us know what you see.

            If you don't know how to parse the XML please grant us access and the transaction order number and we will research it for you.
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