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Possible to 'push' all transactions to Salesforce?

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  • Possible to 'push' all transactions to Salesforce?

    My organization is considering creating a new instance of Salesforce as our current instance is 'junky' from apps we tried as newbie Salesforce users. These apps won't simply uninstall because some of their elements are tied to NPSP components.

    If we move to a new Salesforce instance and re-create our campaigns, can we request a 'push' to Salesforce of all our historical transactions? If so, will the transactions automatically populate their corresponding campaigns which were set up in their checkout pages? If this is possible, it seems preferable to importing the data.

    Also, we've been using the 1x1 Account Model in our current instance. Going forward in the new instance is there a recommendation of using the 1x1 Account Model vs. the Bucket Account Model?


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    Good day Neely,

    Answers to your questions:
    1. You may download & import the data using the following KB article:
    2. We always recommend the 1x1 model since that is what Salesforce is based on. Any other model is a hack and has the potential to cause issues with other applications. Click & Pledge supports all models but it has been our experience that any other model than 1x1 has the potential to create incompatibility with other apps in the AppExchange.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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      Great service as usual.

      Much appreciation.