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Charge Date Format not allowing different format in Virtual Terminal

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  • Charge Date Format not allowing different format in Virtual Terminal

    Hi C&P

    Canadian client is having trouble with the Charge Date in the Virtual Terminal. SalesForce is set for date format DD/MM/YYYY no problem but if they use a Charge Date like 18/11/2013 they get a validation error from Virtual Terminal.

    Can Virtual Terminal use the same date format (Locale) as SF?


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    Sorry for the late reply- we have reviewed both of your posts and wanted to come up with a solution before giving you answer.

    We are aware of this issue and it has been fixed in release 8.0

    The issue is locality changes causes havoc with the calendar and then cross compatibility with validation and our API. I always wonder why the world can't decide on a single date format which is one of the biggest pains in all databases.

    In release 8.0 we have fixed this by removing the calendar and replacing it with pull down menus for YYYY, MM, DD. This ensures that we have valid dates and regardless of the locality we can always stay consistent.

    I will keep you updated of the release date- currently it is scheduled for the week of December 16, 2013.
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