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Salesforce Contact.ID merge field uses CnP ID field instead

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  • Salesforce Contact.ID merge field uses CnP ID field instead

    Hello. I have a client with CnP PaaS installed. I have run into a problem when trying to use the standard {!Contact.Id} merge field.

    I have found that in the contact record, if there is a value in the Click and Pledge custom field labeled "Id", then this value is incorrectly used by the Salesforce merge field.

    If the Click and Pledge "Id" custom field is empty, then the Salesforce ID is correctly used in the merge field.

    This is a big problem for custom buttons and merge templates that use the merge field to pass the contact ID.

    The contact is not using any C&P functions yet, so this problem was not noticed until some data was accidentally entered into the Click and Pledge ID field.

    Does anyone know if this happened before, or is it a new bug with Winter 14?

    The client has CnP PaaS version 7.3006

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    Good day @DMCheng;

    I will get with our developers and try to find out what is going on. We have not had this reported before.

    Do you think we can have access to the account with an example to review?
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      I have granted access but I don't want to post the details in a public forum. Where can I email the details?