Feature: Country & State Pull down menu


Salesforce is currently allowing Spring '13 instances to request addition of a new BETA feature for Country & State pull down menu to their Salesforce instance. We are asking that our clients do NOT add this feature to their account for the following reason:
  • Click & Pledge's payment system version 6.9 and earlier post the full name of a country based on ISO standards. Enabling this feature requires the 2 characters country code to be used for all countries. Once enabled ERROR will be generated every time a new Contact needs to be created.
  • The BETA release ONLY works for US & Canada since the State / Province is only populated for these countries. Transactions received from any other country will generate an error since the State / Province field only accepts 2 characters and the only valid values are the States & Provinces in US & Canada. No other country may be used for contact records.

The above feature is in an extremely EARLY BETA and should not be installed if C&P Transactions are to be posted to the instance.