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Transactions not recorded no more in Salesforce

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  • Transactions not recorded no more in Salesforce

    Hello, I run CnP a few months ago in SFDC using the Virtual Terminal. All worked fine.
    Now back to it, I can run Transactions successfully and see them in CnP standard reports, BUT they are no more visible in the SFDC CnP Transactions tab.
    The missing transactions are in the CnP Data tab though. Strangely (to me at least), the XML between transactions that are stored in tab CnP Transactions and the ones that are not are similar (Do I miss something?). The difference is in the "Message" field on the Data tab: "successfully transacted" for the ones in CnP transaction, Blank for the others.. And in the "
    Transaction Result" field:"
    Authorized/Declined for the one stored in CnP Transaction, Blank for the others.
    Thanks again for your guidance,
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    Good day @FastSnail,

    May I know what settings you have set for contact creation in under C&P Settings?

    If Contact Match Mode settings are set to Manual or Semi Automatic then all of your New contacts will be in C&P Temporary Contact object. You need to process those contacts to see all the details in C&P Transaction object.

    Please refer to this link for contact settings:

    Please follow this link to process the contacts from C&P Temporary Contacts object:

    Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.


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      THANK YOU. That was it. All set from that point of view. Have a good day, Jerome