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Compatibility with the new State / Country picklist feature

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  • CnP.Support

    If you are enabling the country / state picklist in C&P Settings we will simply take the text for State & Province and use that in the Contact field.

    The problem is if the province is not spelled right or abbreviated the contact link to the virtual terminal will fail to recognize the state.

    Do you want to use the XML we use for all countries & their associated province?

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  • Compatibility with the new State / Country picklist feature

    Hello. I am considering implementation of the new State / Country picklist feature. The client is not yet using C&P online donations, but we will be deploying soon. We have built a Visualforce page for the online donation form, and we are capturing US state and country using C&P dropdown lists, and non-US province in a plain text field.

    Are there compatibility issues here? If the user selects a country and then enters a province in the plain text field, will that probably fail? Should we just ignore non-US state/province for other countries to avoid this problem?