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resending an autoresponder receipt with corrected contact information

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  • resending an autoresponder receipt with corrected contact information

    I would like to resend a receipt created through autoresponder, but with contact information corrected subsequent to the original email. Specifically, when the receipt initially went out, a piece of information was missing from the Contact information -- I had accidentally deleted the person's first name. I fixed the Contact listing and would like to resend the receipt with the corrected/complete Contact Information.

    If I resend it from the contact's Email Log Information screen, will it use the old information (i.e., missing the first name as it did when first sent) or will it dynamically create it again with the current contact information (i.e., with first name that I added in the interim)? I want to do the latter.

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    Good day @sptro,

    The Autoresponder uses the Contact information and NOT the original transaction information. The mail merge is performed using the Contact information at the time of sending the email so whatever is the last information in the Contact that information will be used in the mail merge.

    I hope that answers your question. Let us know if you need any further clarification.
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