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Can someone help me auto-generate opportunity names?

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day @hollyurban,

    This was also answered in the following post:

    Please see the following:

    Opportunity names may be customized anyway you want.

    If your opportunities are appearing as numbers it means you are using Opportunity > Product and in that setting the Opportunity takes the name of the Order Number since products are the items that have names and the opportunity cannot have a name.

    Are you using Opportunity > Product?

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  • Can someone help me auto-generate opportunity names?

    I searched the C&P forums and am unable to find instructions anywhere for auto-naming opportunities in Salesforce from Click & Pledge. Currently, our opportunities are coming in as a string of numbers. Ideally, I would want them to read "Donor name - Donation - Date of Donation"