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Can an account be created in Salesforce from a checkout page?

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  • Can an account be created in Salesforce from a checkout page?

    We have created 2 membership checkout forms-
    1 is for Organizations (Accounts) and 1 is for individuals.

    When a Org membership is processed, can an Account in Salesforce be created, instead of a contact?

    We are using the NPSP and have set the contact settings to be 1:1.
    However there will be times when we want to create an account with multiple contacts (standard salesforce)
    We want these memberships to come into Salesforce as accounts, not as contacts.

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Good day @CFisher,

    At this time the system will always create an Account & Contact for a new Contact. It is always 1-1.

    We are working on a feature that will allow this but our challenge is the complexity of the settings. The challenge is all the different ways people do this - some do it for contacts, some do it for companies, etc.

    Coming up with a universal setting that can dynamically handle all variations has been quite a challenge.
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