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  • Importing Past Donations Help

    I'm importing past donations from Network For Good (which we'll eventually shut down to use C&P) and I want to make sure I've got all of the required API field names in my CSV file before I do a test upload of a few. I believe I have the API field names (correct me if that's not the correct term of the top row of the CSV) from the NPSP. Are there unique C&P names that I should be using instead? I've also included some custom fields that I created to store legacy data like the unique donation ID.

    I currently have 14 columns with the following: CLOSEDATE, Legacy_Donation_ID__c, DonorFirstName, DonorLastName, Legacy_Frequency__c, AMOUNT, EXPECTEDREVENUE, Legacy_Designation__c, Designation__c, DESCRIPTION, NAME, ACCOUNTID, STAGENAME, PROBABILITY

    Am I missing anything that would throw errors up?

    My second question is related to Contact Record Types. I imported most contacts before setting up C&P so I don't think they have record types. I noticed a glitch in some custom picklists that I made and that's how I determined my most recent batches had the C&P record type, but the old ones did not. Do all of my contacts needs to have the C&P record type for their donations to roll up properly? I don't believe we'll be using Contact Record Types otherwise. If you have a resource that can show me how to convert all past imported contacts to the C&P Record Type (if necessary), that would be appreciated.

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    Good day @baverill,

    Sorry for the late reply- In reviewing the posts I just realized we never posted an answer to your request. Sorry again for having missed the question.

    We followed through your post and have tried to figure out the data from Network For Good (N4G) but don't have access to their data.

    Is it possible for you to provide us with a sample data set from N4G? We may be able to write an importer to benefit others.

    The Record Type is set in the C&P Settings > Contact & Account > Record Types and you may change it to anything you want.
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