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Autoresponder Settings to Filter by Checkout Page WID Have Been Removed

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  • Autoresponder Settings to Filter by Checkout Page WID Have Been Removed

    I have several autoresponder templates that are delivered based on the WID that was used. Before version 7.2003, it was possible, for instance, to choose "WID Not Is 12345" or "WID Starts with 123". But now the options are simply "WID Is" or "Any WID" which is limiting and breaks everything I had been doing in the past. Now I will need to set up about 25 filters for one receipt to ensure I include all the WID's needed except for the one or two that I want to ignore. Please fix or help me work around this.

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    Good day!

    The additional conditions with WID were added in the early release by mistake to the Autoresponder. No other filter including WID had includes, starts or ends with since WID is a number and changes with no order. Stating a number that includes another number in that context was meaningless and therefore was removed.

    WID is either a number or is not .. in between did not make any sense.

    Perhaps we can add Is NOT to the list and it still is a valid and logical filter.

    I apologize for the inconvenience and I see if we can add the IS NOT to the filters for WID for the upcoming release in May.
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      Just having "WID is" or "WID is not" would suffice.