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Permissions needed to run reports on C&P Transactions?

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  • Permissions needed to run reports on C&P Transactions?

    We've installed Click and Pledge in our production instance of Salesforce and would like to be able to give limited access to members of our Finance team who need to run reports on C&P transactions. I'd like to create a permission set to allow them to run reports and see transactions, but not edit them. So far, I have not been successful in giving the proper access and the report on 'Opportunities and C&P Order Number' gives an error when run.

    The permission set grants access to the following:
    C&P Data - read, create, edit, view all
    C&P Dynamic Reports - same as above
    C&P Record Types - Read, edit, view all
    C&P Recurrings - Read, Create, Edit view all
    C&P Recurring Transactions - Read, Create, Edit, View All
    C&P Transactions - Read, create, edit ,view all

    I looked for settings on the custom report type, but they appear to managed by the package and I don't have access.