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No record of Virtual Terminal Transaction in Salesforce

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  • No record of Virtual Terminal Transaction in Salesforce


    I ran our organizations first transaction through the Click and Pledge Virtual Terminal in Salesforce and can find absolutely no record of the transaction in Salesforce. I ran a report through the Click and Pledge portal and can see that the transaction went through and was authorized.

    Note: Under the C&P Settings, Opportunity tab in Salesforce I have checked the "Create an Opportunity for each transaction" button and the "Use Products for each item in an Opportunity" button.

    I entered Virtual Terminal from a contact's page and expected an opportunity to be created under the contacts account name.

    Any idea why no opportunity was created? Even more importantly, any idea why I see no trace of the transaction in the C&P Data or under C&P Transactions in Salesforce?

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    Good day!

    Based on what you are describing you have set your C&P Settings > Contact & Account > Match Rule to the Semi-Automatic mode.

    In the Semi-Automatic mode if the Contact is not in the system it will be placed in the Temporary Contact. Have you checked the Temporary Contact?

    If your Data is not in the C&P Data, the only cause is if your Click & Pledge account is not connected to Salesforce. Have you connected the account? []

    When a transaction posts to Click & Pledge the API will post the result as an XML file to Salesforce. The data will be available through the C&P Data tab. If no data is available in the C&P Data tab then Click & Pledge cannot post to Salesforce due to login issues. Please verify the connection.

    If the connection works and C&P can connect to Salesforce and you don't see a Contact or Opportunity being created the only reason is the C&P Settings & Temporary Contact.

    Please let me know which of the above applies to your case.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      Hi there,

      I checked the C&P Temporary Contacts and there are none. I'd be surprised that it created one since I entered the Virtual Terminal from a Contacts Page (therefore the Billing name was automatically populated).

      Our C&P Account is definitely connected to Salesforce, we launched our new C&P Online Store page a couple weeks ago and transactions through the website have been rolling in without any problems.

      Do you have any other suggestions as to why my Virtual Terminal transaction was not logged in Salesforce, but was logged in the Click and Pledge Portal? Should I file a support case?



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        Please follow the steps listed below and submit a support ticket for review:

        We will review your account and get back to you.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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