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Upgrade path from v 3.x

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  • Upgrade path from v 3.x

    We have been stuck on version 3.15 for over 6 months, while trying to get support to upgrade from click and pledge.

    My understanding is that going from V3.x to v4+ is a change in the data model, and there is some data work to be done to make the switch.

    Does anyone here have information on the upgrade path? Is it available in the release notes? I cant get any info out of C&P support so hoping that someone here can help.


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    Good day!

    I reviewed your case and found out the following:

    - When you first requested the upgrade about 6 months ago you had capped your data limit storage in Salesforce and we could not upgrade your data. Our team tried but could not deal with no space left in your instance.
    - Upgrading to 7.0 has also been challenging since we cannot uninstall 3.x because of massive customization you have done using our fields and objects. We cannot uninstall 3.x version since those fields are in use.

    Version 3.x was using the NPSP as a prerequisite and Salesforce does not allow removal of packages in a release once a package has been publicly released. In version 4 we removed NPSP as a requirement since most clients don't use it and did not want to install it because of our dependency on it for Households. Also NPSP changed its household code which broke our application. To help with stability we decided to remove our dependency on applications that are not ours and are controlled by third parties. So NPSP had to be removed. Because of this we had to create a new package which naturally could not be upgraded. Version 3.x had to be abandoned and a new version had to be created.

    Considering you are using our fields in your own program we cannot uninstall 3.x - Salesforce simply won't allow it. So we are stuck!

    You need to remove your triggers and codes based on our objects and fields so we can remove the 3.x and install 7.x. Support has explained that before as well and I believe a new email has also been sent to you based on your forum post.

    Please let us know if we can help you in this transition and what we can do to move this project forward.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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