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Donations logging to incorrect year

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  • Donations logging to incorrect year

    I installed C&P and have been using it since December 2012 to receive online donations into Salesforce. I have one recurring giver. Recently I looked at her donation rollup on her contact record in SF. She gave 2 monthly gifts the end of 2012, and 3 monthly gifts in 2013. All are $20. Either C&P or SF is logging those donations into the incorrect year. The dates are correct on the C&P custom objects but for some reason it's not being calculated in the SF Donation Information area. It also says that there were no gifts this year, which is untrue. It seems to be crediting the 2012 donations to 2011, and the 2013 donations to 2012. This is confusing. Is this a SF problem or a C&P issue? How do I fix it?

    Largest Gift $20.00
    First Gift Date 11/29/2012
    Smallest Gift $20.00
    Last Gift Date 3/28/2013
    Total Gifts $100.00
    Last Gift Amount $20.00
    Total Number of Gifts 5
    Best Gift Year 2013
    Number of Gifts Last Year 3
    Best Gift Year Total $60.00
    Number of Gifts Two Years Ago 2
    Average Gift $20.00
    Total Gifts Two Years Ago $40.00
    Total Gifts Last N Days $100.00
    Soft Credit Two Years Ago
    Number of Gifts Last N Days 5
    Soft Credit Last Year
    Total Gifts This Year $0.00
    Soft Credit This Year
    Number of Gifts This Year 0
    Soft Credit Total

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    Good day Shari,

    The best way to figure out what is going on is to review the opportunities that are created for those transactions with Click & Pledge. We create an opportunity for each transaction and all your recurring transactions have a date associated with them.

    Would you please let me know for those transactions what date shows up for the created opportunities?
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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      I'm not sure I understand what you mean. Should I be looking somewhere besides the donor's Contact record and C&P Donations? It shows the correct dates for the "opportunities" (donations). 11/29/12, 12/29/12, 1/29/13, 2/29/13, 3/29/13. In SF, my Fiscal Year is set to the normal parameters, from January to December. Is this possibly a SF glitch? I read on another post at the SF NPSP Google Group that SF somehow works the fiscal year in a way that's not intuitive. I am awaiting a reply there as well.



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        We have seen strange behavior from the Fiscal Year feature but nothing like what you are describing.

        If the Opportunity has already been posted with the correct date in Salesforce by Click & Pledge we have no way of knowing what is going on when you do the roll-ups with NPSP. I like to know what you find out since it may happen to others. We have not seen reports of this by others so it will be helpful to learn from what you find out.
        Click & Pledge Support Department

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