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Salesforce Report with SKU and Posting Date

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    We are going to add this feature to 7.5 release due out before the end of the month.

    The release information will be posted to the forum.

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  • CnP.Support
    Good day!

    As for the issue with the past date/ future date please upgrade to the latest release 7.1. The new release was made available on AppExchange on Monday - March 4.

    Report for SKU: The SKU report is not available since we don't store the SKU with the opportunities. The SKU simply are used as part of the post to determine the opportunity name, etc. If you use Opportunity > Product then reports may be downloaded for the products with the product ID's.

    In release 8.0 we are going to add a field to the Opportunity for SKU but we have avoided it till now since we try not to make any additions to the standard Salesforce objects.

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  • montu8282
    started a topic Salesforce Report with SKU and Posting Date

    Salesforce Report with SKU and Posting Date

    We are experiencing a problem trying to pull an accurate report out of Salesforce about Click and Pledge donation data.

    First some background to the problem:

    We have 3 easy donation pages set up in
    ClickandPledge. Each donation page has a different SKU associated with it. For example they are SKU1, SKU2, and SKU3. When someone makes a donation online to any of those pages, we see that gift in Salesforce. We also receive cash and checks as donations. We manually enter those checks/cash into the C&P Virtual Terminal and enter the appropriate SKU for each check/cash amount.

    Desired Outcome:

    We need to be able to pull a report together that groups both donations made online via Click & Pledge EASY donation page
    and manually entered transactions in the Virtual Terminal by the SKU number.

    Also, We have recently upgraded our Donor Management for Salesforce to version 6.9. Version 6.8 allows you to enter past & future dates for Invoice/Purchase Order/Custom Payment Types. After we enter a past date the transaction date is still saved as the current date. The emailed receipt shows transaction date as the day the transaction was entered and posting date as the day we back-dated in virtual terminal. I cannot seem to locate Posting Date. The date range for our report should be based on Posting Date not Transaction Date. This will get us the most accurate financial picture of what is happening each day.

    So our desired report will first select data based upon a POSTING Date Range, then Group By ACCOUNT, then Group by SKU, then the details rows would be:
    • Dollar Amount
    • Contact Name
    • Contact Address
    • Contact City
    • Contact State
    • Contact Zip
    • Contact Phone
    • Contact Email

    This is very important to our business to us to be able to report on all our income. Thank you!