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Campaign not passing for multiple Attendee registration

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  • Campaign not passing for multiple Attendee registration


    It seems that when a Registrant now registers MULTIPLE Attendees for an event, the Campaign is passed through to Salesforce, ONLY with the primary Registrant, not along with any of the Attendees.

    Can this be fixed?


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    Good day!

    There is nothing to be fixed here as it is working according to the design.

    Here is how the system is designed:

    Campaigns: Events may be assigned a campaign and each level in an event may be assigned a different or same campaign.

    Attendees become members of level campaign and NOT the event campaign. Registrant / Payee is the one that becomes a member of the Event campaign.

    The person that makes the payment, is paying for the event so the registrant is assigned as a member to the EVENT campaign. The attendees are registering for specific level so they become members of the LEVEL campaign.

    If you are set up as "Semi-Automatic" in the Contact settings then attendees that are not in the system as Contacts will be sent to the Temporary Contact status and as such don't become members of anything unless they are moved to Contact. Make sure you are reviewing the temporary Attendee Contact information and moving the attendees to contacts. This is explained in the post installation procedure for layout design.

    Hope that answers your question.
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