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Revenue Report without having to Merge Temp Contacts

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  • Revenue Report without having to Merge Temp Contacts


    We recently moved our daily ticketing to C&P. This is of course creating a lot of temporary contacts and it takes me a while to get around to being able to merge them all into Salesforce. The problem is we are wanting to pull a report on how much revenue we are getting each day from our timed ticket sales.

    I have created a report on salesforce with C&P Transactions with Campaigns. I have filtered by campaign and made sure the transaction was authorized. I also have sorted the transactions by transaction date. I have been able to get the total charged, but it only captures the transactions that have been merged in from temporary contacts or automatically found a match. This makes our numbers a lot lower than the actual revenue.

    What type of report captures the revenue of C&P by transaction or even event without having to merge every temporary contact? It seems to be locked away and really hard to find.

    Thank you!

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    You could opt to merge the 'Payers' first, and catch up with the Attendees later,

    Click image for larger version

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    Or, you can use the reports available on the Event's Dashboard:

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you, but we broke each day of tickets into events. We also wanted to break up the revenue based upon when it was bought not when they were going to attend the event (Aka the entry into the museum). We also wanted a salesforce report so we could make a dashboard.

      I figured out the solution for anyone reading this thread. If you do a C&P Transactions with Campaigns report on salesforce you can only capture the revenue (total charged) of transactions that have a contact connected to them. So if the contact is in temporary contacts you will not see the C&P Transaction in the report until the temp contact is merged.

      To fix this, instead of pulling revenue from the transaction or the event pull it from the registrant. I created a report of C&P Event Registrants. I then created my filters to make sure the event campaign was the only one selected(In this case campaign called Timed Tickets which all the events were put to this). I used the field Net Amount Paid to see how much they payed and selected the date of the day the registrant was created.