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  • API to repost transaction

    We have a unique scenario where our salesforce org is very busy, and often C&P transactions do not post due to record/table locks. So this means we have to go into each failed transaction in C&P and "report to salesforce." We can determine the transactions that do not post from the C&P data table, but we need the post to complete on the C&P side, so both systems stay in sync. Is there an API we can call from an external system (SF) to have c&p retry that record?

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    Hi @Ethan,

    There is a setting in C&P Settings > Maintenance called "Auto-re-process C&P Data errors" that can be turned on.

    Auto re-process C&P Data errors

    So if you can see the transactions in C&P Data, that means the data made it into Salesforce, but was unable to "process" (the PaaS app checks existing Contacts for matching, then creates the C&P transaction record and ties it to the Contact and the Contact's account, and creates the Opportunity according to the current C&P Settings).

    If there was an issue with the connection between the C&P account and Salesforce, then the raw data was never received in Salesforce and there's no C&P Data record.

    So are finding the 'errored' transactions on the C&P Data tab or can you only find them in Connect?

    Check with Chris, because I believe MADD has used the Auto- reprocess before, and it may have been unchecked for a reason. The primary reason you might need to turn it back off would likely be because it will increase your number of API calls, and you might start having issues hitting API limits. If this was the case with MADD, you may be able to resolve it by working with your Salesforce account manager to increase your API limits.
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