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  • Known Issues & Bugs

    Release 2.0 has the following default values assigned to each transaction:
    • DeclineFraud=true
    • EnableRestriction=true
    • BillingCountryCode='840'
    • ShippingCountryCode='840'
    • PaymentType='CreditCard'
    • Quantity=1
    • SendReceipt=true
    • Language='ENG'
    • Deductible=false
    • TransactionType='Authorize'
    • Recurring=false

    The above default values were incorporated to make it easier for developers to post transactions to the API.

    We have received reports of misconfiguration by those using the API Class Library in their code based on the above default values. In Release 3.0 we will be removing the default values to ensure developers post each node based on their requirement.

    If you are developing custom applications we highly recommend that you add the above variables manually and don't rely on the default values as they will be removed in release 3.x
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