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  • New products created for opportunities?

    Hi C&P

    I am using the api for a client that is setting up DBSync to import into opportunities into QuickBooks (as Sales Receipts). DBSync matches the Products in SalesForce to Items in QuickBooks. Our donation form has 5 amounts the donor can choose from as well as an Other amount they can specify.

    I am worry that DBSync won't be able to match since it looks like a new product will be created each time the product ID AND price don't match - after reading this in the manual.

    Opportunity Products: Use products for each item in an opportunity each product within a transaction will be created as an Opportunity
    Products are matched against the Product ID & SKU. If the SKU of the item being posted matches the Product ID and the price the product will be assigned to the opportunity. If either the SKU or the price does not match a new product will be created.
    Product matching does not use the price book.

    Is there anything to save us in there like if there is no price specified or it is 0.00 the match doesn't have to occur? Otherwise it looks like new products will be created and DBSync won't be able to match to Items in SF


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    Where do we create SKU's for products?

    We have the same issue and was wondering if someone would point us to a manual or directions for how to create product SKU's. Do we need to create Click and Pledge products and then match their SKU's? Or can we add a CnP SKU field to the Salesforce "Product" page and match the numbers there?


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      Good day!

      I need a bit more information about your implementation. You have posted this question to the forum for the Salesforce API Class Library. The Library is designed for programmers to develop secure applications for processing payments through the Click & Pledge platform.

      Are you developing an application using the API Class Library?
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        Hi Musically Minded,
        SKUs in Click&Pledge can just be made up however you like. They do not have to exists as Products in SalesForce. But you can use your SKUs in your C&P settings to define how to deal with the donation (Opportunity Record Type, Oppt Name, Question Mapping, Autoresponders, etc.).