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Do we need real WIDs?

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  • Do we need real WIDs?

    Hi C&P

    Right now to specify a new contact type, we need to pass a WID. I tried to pass a fake WID in the api but it said it was invalid. Do I have to set up an old school check out page to get a valid WID?

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    WID is optional and not required.

    The reason you may want to pass WID is to use the receipt information with the checkout page and not have to pass it through the API. The reason you may not want to pass those messages through the program is that they will change and you may not want to change them within the program. Using the WID allows for changing the messages in the checkout page and have the receipt change without needing a change in the program.

    If you don't wish to use WID simply don't send that node.

    Hope that answers your question.
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