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Add Pay-at-the-Door/RSVP/Pay Offline option to SF Event module

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  • Add Pay-at-the-Door/RSVP/Pay Offline option to SF Event module

    In a recent forum exchange you said:
    Originally posted by Support.Department View Post
    ...if the balance is $0 at the end the system should not ask for Invoicing and the check number. I have submitted a ticket requesting this change.
    We also use $0 payments, but as part of an option to either pay in advance (credit card or eCheck) or choose $0 to pay at the door (cash, but we will also have our swiper1 handy.) We would find it helpful if you could add an option that allows these pay-at-the-door users to skip credit card or invoice fields. As I understand it currently (or with your proposed fix), we would have to limit the options to Invoices to smoothly use $0 payments without having to choose a payment option. For now I have users choose Invoice if they want to pay at the door (vs. credit card or eCheck to pay now), but it would be easier for them if they didn't need to even pick a payment method if no money is due, but also have the option of paying online. As such, this is a request to take a step beyond what you are proposing to add. At a minimum, allowing a Registration Level to be limited to Invoice-only ($0) with your fix would help, but a full Pay Later/Pay Offline payment type with discount would be better (e.g., if they either pay online in advance or RSVP by the deadline, they get the same discount.)

    I know a pay-at-the-door option doesn't help C&P's bottom line directly, but for us, using C&P for RSVPs is an integral part of moving more of our event payments and other transactions online.

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    Good day!

    This feature may easily be done if we add the "Custom Payment Type" which we have in the Virtual Terminal.

    Using "Custom Payment Type" you may define the name as: "Pay at the door" and if selected it will show a reference #.

    It is a good idea and one that may easily be added. I will get back to you when we review the changes on Monday.
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