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Using Item SKU in Transaction Campaign Settings

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  • Using Item SKU in Transaction Campaign Settings

    It would be very helpful if we could use Item SKU in the Transaction Campaign Settings box (in C&P Settings in Salesforce) to set the Transaction Campaign on the C&P Transaction. Item SKU is available in the Primary Campaign Source settings, but our receipts are based on the transaction campaign.

    I know that this probably has to do with the multiple line items model, but if in Transaction Campaign Settings you could say If the Item SKU of any line item on the transaction matches this string (or starts with, contains, etc.), set the whole transaction campaign to a particular campaign, that would work great for us.

    Or alternatively, if you could just check the SKU assigned from the custom questions (since that is on a whole transaction basis, not by line item) that would work too.

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    Good day @kwclick5

    Thank you for your suggestion. We always welcome new ideas and suggestions. I have brought this in our dev meeting to see the possibilities. We have to deeply analyse the Pros and Cons of this approach because for an example, a transaction may have 100 items and in this case we need to check the SKUs mapping for 100 items even for blank SKU's, as well as the Opportunity Primary Campaign Source settings, these process will cause a number of loops which makes the flow slow as well as it will cause the CPU time limit error.

    However, we will anaylse and update you. For now, NO ETA.
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