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Update Virtual Terminal to Import the "Correct" Contact Address

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  • Update Virtual Terminal to Import the "Correct" Contact Address

    When the [Virtual Terminal] button is clicked on a Contact page, the "State" field on the Contact is passed to the "Province (non-US)" state field on the Virtual Terminal. The users must then clear that field out and change the "State" field in the picklist. Is there a way to have the MailingState field on the Contact automatically fill the correct State field on the Virtual Terminal. Also, the Contact address clearly shows 2 lines for the street address (see screen captures below). Shouldn't the "Address 2" field on the Virtual Terminal have the 2nd line instead of combining both lines onto the "Address 1" field?

    Ideally, the page should be able to look for either the standard set of 2 character State Codes (NJ) or full the state name to make a match for the Picklist. In additiona, a blank Contact.MailingCountry field would effectively indicate the "default" country for the Client's Org (via a lookup to the Organization.Country field).

    From the Contact Page:
    Click image for larger version

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    From the Virtual Terminal:
    Click image for larger version

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    We would also appreciate the 2 character States codes as opposed to full state name. Similarly for country - the option of USA or United States instead always overwriting with United States of America. These formatting changes are driving my direct mail people nuts. This goes for both virtual terminal and user-generated submissions.


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      Good day!

      We are actually working on an option in Salesforce that you can choose what to post. It is a bit tricky since every single client wants a different format.

      It will be in release 7.0 due out around February 15, 2013.
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