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SKU management through Campaign records

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  • SKU management through Campaign records

    We would love the ability to manage our C&P SKU's (the sku settings from C&P settings > opportunity) through Campaigns instead of having to create an entry in C&P settings for every new Campaign that we create.

    So we are trying to automate as much of the fund creation process as we possibly can. Our current process is that we create a Fund Campaign record which includes a formula field to designate the SKU (based on our SKU structure). Then once the campaign is created we have to go into C&P Settings > Opportunity (and Virtual Terminal) and enter the SKU, operator, and Campaign record into the list. While this is manageable for a couple of funds, we currently have around 250 funds so it gets a little tedious. We would love a way to manage C&P SKU's automatically when a campaign is created.

    One possible option would be that if the SKU's settings were housed in a custom object (instead of being listed in the XML of C&P Settings) we could create our own process builder/flow to Create/Delete those SKU records every time a Fund Campaign is created/updated/deleted. I feel like this would be a significant change for the C&P settings, but would be IMMENSELY helpful for managing a large number of SKU's when Campaign records are required anyway.

    This would also be super helpful in allowing us to create funds on a larger scale for peer-to-peer fundraising.

    Also, just a heads up. When you get to having 250 funds, the C&P Settings > Opportunity page takes forever to load.

    Thanks for the consideration!