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  • Field validation for events

    Just dealing with an error processing a temp contact who registered for one of our events, but didn't follow the instructions to put a 4-digit year in a field, and I realized I don't think I've ever made the request for field validation in the Events app. I can see where it might be complicated, but if it's possible, it would certainly be a game changer!


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    Currently we don't support date fields because of the complication of populating a date correctly (likely requires picklists for month/day/year). For similar reasons, we don't map to Lookup fields, Email fields, URL fields.

    So are you asking for a way to create custom questions as a date field and map the value? We wouldn't add mapping to date fields if we do not add validation on the form as well.

    Or were you thinking of something to create your own validation rules? Like requiring a certain number of characters?
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      Like creating our own validation rules - e.g. the answer must be 4 digits (no more, no less). Revisiting the picklist idea, I think it might not be that difficult to set up, I just don't have the time at the moment (insert facepalm emoji). This is for the "Form Fields" rather than the custom questions in the Event app.

      Most people pay attention to the guidance on the registration form, but a few don't, and it's such a hassle to go in and deactivate data validation (plus a PB process) just to process their temp contact. We ask for birth month and year, and then a Salesforce process fills in their birthdate as the first of the month and year provided. They didn't want to ask for full birthdates for a particular reason (that I can't recall - maybe I'll revisit and see if switching to collecting actual birthdates would be ok with them now).

      Thanks for listening. Just something that would be cool if it's easy to add in a future release. I know you're dealing with all of Salesforce's changes these days. Have a great weekend!