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Auto responder log to contact donation record

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  • Auto responder log to contact donation record

    Please integrate an update that will push the result of the auto responder log to the contact donation field on the contact record.

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    Hi Rick,

    We discussed this with our development team this morning. To clarify your request, based on your screenshot and our discussion in Live Support, you are asking that the NPSP fields, Acknowledgement Status (npsp__Acknowledgment_Status__c) and Acknowledgement Date (npsp__Acknowledgment_Date__c) on the Opportunity record automatically update, rather than the Contact - correct?

    We like that idea, and it's a good fit with NPSP.
    Perhaps you envision a checkbox added to the Autoresponder criteria, something like this:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	SF Checkbox - Checked.jpg Views:	2 Size:	603 Bytes ID:	56945

    Update NPSP Acknowledgement Date, Acknowledgement Status

    Simple, right? The issue this poses is that, while the vast majority of customers would like this feature primarily for the use-case you describe, which is straightforward, there will be many cases where customers would attempt to use it, with unintended results. Autoresponders are not unique to either transactions or Opportunities - when a transaction occurs, they can fire for either, or both, or none.

    Here's a small sampling of use-cases that could pose problems:
    • Customer A
      • Autoresponder Criteria: NPSP Acknowledgement is checked
      • The transaction includes both a t-shirt purchase and a donation.
      • RESULT: both the Opportunity for the t-shirt and the Opportunity for the donation have Acknowledgement Status fields populated.
      • CONCERN: nonprofit staff are worried that an acknowledgement letter was sent for the value of the t-shirt
    • Customer B
      • One Autoresponder Criteria: set to send immediately, NPSP Acknowledgement checked
      • Another Autoresponder's Criteria: set to send at EOY
      • RESULT: when the 2nd autoresponder fires at the EOY, the Acknowledgement fields are already populated
      • CONCERN: are the values updated or not? If updated, how do you know if the first autoresponder was originally sent?
    • Customer C
      • Autoresponder Criteria: NPSP Acknowledgement checked, future payment checked
      • A first transaction triggers the autoresponder for the 0.00 pre-authorization that occurs immediately
      • RESULT: Patron receives an acknowledgement, even though the nonprofit has not yet (and may not) receive the donation.
      • CONCERN: Patron uses the acknowledgement for tax deduction when no donation occurred, nonprofit is held liable
    • Customer D
      • Autoresponder Criteria: NPSP Acknowledgement Checked, Transaction Campaign criteria if Transaction Campaign is "Online Gifts"
      • The CONNECT Campaign is 'Online Gifts', but the Salesforce Campaign is not assigned in CONNECT, the Opportunity is getting its campaign assigned by SKU
      • RESULT: The Autoresponder is not triggered, because there is no transaction campaign.
      • CONCERN: The customer sees that the Opportunity was assigned to the Online Gifts campaign, but no one received the email from the Autoresponder - now they're frustrated.
    The transaction-as-a-whole vs. line-item is already a struggle in many ways, and the Autoresponder adds lots of additional potential variations.

    It's not that it cannot be done, but finding the best way to create the option without causing confusion is a challenge. What are your thoughts?

    ~ Amanda
    C&P Live Support

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      Yes I see that there may be too much confusion. In our attempt we tried to set the autoresponder to fire a process. we have 3 autoresponders set. all for donations. #1 single donation under $200, #2 single donation over $200, #3 recurring donation. We wanted to "Acknowledged field" to populate (+) in case #'s 1 & 3. For case #2 the autoresponder send the Admins a notice to write a personal letter, thus NO "Acknowledged population (-).I see the potential confusion with trying to configure a system wide modification.

      Thus, I think this idea can me closed and left alone.