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  • Propay migration fees

    I've had a question from a group about migration fees. Specifically, they wondered about any initiation fees for the setup of the ProPay account. I have assumed that transition would be without a cost, but they would like to know specifically if there is any initiation or other transfer costs. Thank you.

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    Also, if they are not Give Big users, does that mean they need to do the migration themselves before October 1 (and if they don't will their system no longer accept transactions)? Or will C&P automatically move them at some point before Oct. 1? Thank you!


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      No one will be forcibly migrated before October 1st. Everyone that has an option to "Switch to Propay" in CONNECT > Settings > Account Information should do so.
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        Hi, thanks for the reply. I must not have been very clear. I wasn't thinking anyone would be forceably migrated. I've since talked this over with KR and have my answers. Thank you!