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Deposit Notification or Settlement Report adjustment

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  • Deposit Notification or Settlement Report adjustment

    Our financial admins are requesting a C&P-generated notification about the $1.50 daily deposit fee.

    Currently, Settlement Reports display nearly all of the relevant data for the transaction that takes place on a given day between C&P and our bank, but these reports do not display the $1.50 deduction for the daily deposit fee. We can certainly do the math ourselves, but our finance folks would prefer that the financial data from Click&Pledge is not being "manipulated" by a third party (us Salesforce admins), and that the financial data comes directly from C&P.

    From the C&P Settlement Report article:
    The Settlement Report represents all transactions for your merchant account that share the same Sweep ID. The amount reflected in the your organization’s bank deposit for that day will be the Sum of your Net Amount minus the “$1.50” per deposit fee.
    From the Settlement Reports page:
    Successful deposits incur $1.50 ACH deposit transfer fee. The ACH fee is not included in the downloaded settlement report.
    We are requesting either:
    • a "Deposit Notification" that is sent when a deposit goes through, which includes the $1.50 deposit fee shown as deducted from the day's deposit,
    • or (preferably) a new line added to the daily Settlement Reports, which includes the day's $1.50 ACH deposit transfer fee, shown deducted from the net amount (to give us a "Deposit Total" for the day).

    Thank you for any information you can provide!
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    Please understand that the Settlement Reports in CONNECT are just the deposit information that we can download from ProPay's API - so they are essentially just a query result on data. Because it is a comma delimited text file, it cannot include custom calculations like you suggest.

    But you are in luck. I see you are one of our Salesforce customers. Salesforce's reporting tool offers a little more flexibility to modify how data is displayed, and our next release of the Donor Management (Payment as a Service) app includes a preconfigured report that displays the deposit information over the span of a month, grouped by the batch. It includes a column for the per transaction fee, the 3.75% fee, and also the Deposit Amount expected for each batch by subtracting the $1.50 fee for the grouping by the Sweep Date. This release is currently scheduled for the end of September/ beginning of October.

    Our ProPay Migration article includes a video for how you can create this report yourself, under "Introducing TSYS ProPay" (bullet point 2)

    This report looks similar to this:

    Click image for larger version

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    Salesforce Documentation: Will this option suit your needs?

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