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Authorization redirect: Proposed change of behavior

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  • Authorization redirect: Proposed change of behavior


    We need your help in finding a solution that satisfies your needs while reducing user errors in setting up the redirect landing page.

    We are facing a hard decision about the redirect feature of the checkout pages. The redirect feature is the #1 reason for double charges and we are finding it quite difficult to explain its usage and limitations.

    In its current form, the organization may put a landing page to replace the checkout page’s “Thank You” page. Once a patron’s transaction authorizes, the system will redirect the patron to the set landing page. While this design is easy in concept, organizations have a difficult time in setting it up correctly.

    Here are a few cases that are common to majority of wrong implementation:
    • Entering: – in this case organizations assumed that the link means a thank you page on their site.
    • Entering the organization’s main site as the landing page. This confuses the patron since the patron will see the organization’s web site after a transaction and never sees a Thank You page with payment summary.
    • The landing page is on a server that is not available at the time of payment. If a transaction occurs at the time that the landing page server is being rebooted then a 404 page error (page not found) will show after a payment.
    • Spelling mistake in the landing page results in page not found error.
    • Using an insecure landing page. All current browsers, in their default setting, will pop a warning when the browser is redirected to an insecure page from a secure page. Patron’s not familiar with the behavior will panic and click on Cancel thinking their information is being compromised. Clicking on CANCEL in the browser’s warning message will result in an error in the browser.
    In all the above listed cases the patron will make another payment, thinking that the first payment has not gone through.

    As stated earlier, misusing the redirect feature is the #1 reason for double charges.

    One solution that is being discussed is to completely remove the feature from the administrative system and make it as part of the URL. Users that are knowledgeable about making changes to the URL are less likely to make mistakes in setting up a landing page.

    We like to hear your opinion and any ideas you may have for ensuring proper use of the redirect feature.
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