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Apply filters in WordPress plugin WooCommerce Click & Pledge Gateway

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  • Apply filters in WordPress plugin WooCommerce Click & Pledge Gateway

    We are a WordPress creative agency supporting an existing Click & Pledge client. Their use case is a monthly sponsorship for a specific child represented as a WooCommerce Product. The C&P gateway's settings for indefinite subscription with monthly as the only selected periodicity works as-is.

    Many donors requested the ability to pay for their sponsorship on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. WooCommerce supports this (either using quantity or variable products). However, we would need to control the periodicity at the time of checkout (e.g. only allowing an annual period if the cart contains a 12 month sponsorship variant or only allowing the monthly period if the cart contains a 1 month sponsorship variant).

    The C&P payment gateway plugin does not support modifying the periodicity during the checkout process in this manner. Ideally, the plugin should use WordPress' best practice of passing runtime settings like these through the apply_filters function. The rest of the logic can remain unchanged, limiting the risk of regression issues.

    How can we best support our mutual client?

    Is this simple change (adding apply_filters to the existing plugin) something C&P is willing to do? If so, what is the change request process? Support ticket 00355353 directed us to this forum.

    If not, does C&P have a mechanism for clients to specifically fund enhancements to published plugins? If so, how does that work?

    If not, does C&P have a process to incorporate changes to plugins provided by expert open source development agencies like us? If so, what is that process? (In other similar situations, we have submitted git pull requests to the plugin repository. However the github repo for this plugin appears to be abandoned.)

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    Thank you for your input. We will be happy to add this to our roadmap, but are not able to provide an ETA at this time..
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