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Feature Request for Gravity Forms integration

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  • Feature Request for Gravity Forms integration

    I'm not sure if you want this here or in the New Suggestions section, but I'd like to request a feature.

    So Gravity Forms is very flexible and I appreciate your integration with it and allowing the use of such a flexible system. There's two features/enhancements that I'd like to request though.

    1) Out of the box Gravity Forms doesn't allow you dynamically populate in the Field Label from the page and/or a custom field on a Post. The problem that this poses is that when someone donates the Field Label is what is pushed through to Salesforce as the fund name. In our specific scenario we have around 300 different SKUs, so we're trying to build a completely dynamic giving form that populates in both the SKU and Field Label into the form based on the page you're looking at. Since GF doesn't do it out of the box we had to pursue an add-on in order to accomplish the field label population. We purchased Populate Anything add-on in order to dynamically fill the label box. Unfortunately the add-on works great standard fields, but the Product field (which we need to use it on) doesn't give the option of using that add-on (see screenshots below).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	product_field.jpg
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Name:	standard_field_dynamic.jpg
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    It'd be awesome if the product field could include the use of add-ons like the populate anything add-on. This would allow us to set the fund name as the field label so it flows to Salesforce correctly and is included as the right fund name on their email receipt.

    2) In the eCheck payment section of the GF plugin there aren't many options. Why does it require a check number? Whenever I give via ACH/eCheck I just login to my bank for the account/routing number, I don't have any physical checks. This is kind of confusing for donors if they don't have physical checks. Also, it defaults to "business" check and doesn't give the flexibility of setting a default value. C&P transactions get attached to Contacts in Salesforce, so why would the eCheck option default to Business check?

    Anyway, thanks for considering the enhancements.

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    Good day @esowers

    I have moved this post to the appropriate channel and forward it to our products team to review the possibilities to include the requested feature in future releases.
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      So, I've been working through this product field_label problem a little more after the open hours today and think I've found an easier solution.

      It appears that what is stored in the database as the Product Field Label is what gets pushed through the XML to Salesforce. That being said, I'm not sure that the Product field was created by the C&P add-on, but may be a standard product field from Gravity Forms. One solution may be to setup what gets pushed through as the Item Name to be an additional field similar to how the SKU is pushed through.

      For example, you recommend having a hidden field with the Field Label as {SKU}{FIELDID=#} and a value of the SKU that should be pushed through. If you did the same thing but with a different trigger for the Product/Item Name that may be a good solution {ITEMNAME}{FIELDID=#} and then the value of that field is what gets sent in the XML as the item name. This would be a great solution for our problem as I could dynamically fill the value of that hidden field.

      Anyway, just figured I'd share the thought in case it helps. Thanks!