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Accept decimal dollars and cents for Tax Deductible parameter in eVT

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  • Accept decimal dollars and cents for Tax Deductible parameter in eVT

    Auctions for Salesforce may be adding the ability to pass the Total Tax Deductible amount to the payment processor's eVT during checkout. This new feature would allow Auctions to instruct the payment processor to provide automated email receipting for each attendee that can be used for tax purposes because it can show the Tax Deductible amount on the receipt. Automatic email tax receipting is an important user scenario that Auctions currently doesn't provide.

    However, C&P's eVT 'd' parameter expects a 'percent of total' value. Auctions for Salesforce will provide a dollars and cents decimal value, not a percent of total. This incompatibility would prevent Auctions from working properly with C&P.

    Auctions would provide decimal dollars and cents because in an auction use scenario, items are sold which each have a known Fair Market Value. Auctions tracks each item's sale price and FMV, so it knows the total Tax Deductible value for all the purchases each donor makes. The idea of a 'percent of total' does not apply in the auction use scenario, and would cause rounding errors if used.

    I propose that C&P add the ability to recognize when a 'd' parameter value in the eVT is the dollars and cents decimal Tax Deductible total value of the transaction, rather than percent of total. This could be accomplished via a '$' prepend to the value. For example:

    The guest has purchased a bottle of wine at the auction for $30. The wine is valued at $10, so the Tax Deductible value is $20. When Auctions for Salesforce calls the eVT, its 'd' parameter might look like:


    Meaning, the Total to be charged is $30.00, and the Tax Deductible portion of the transaction is $20.00. The '$' character, when present, means 'dollars and cents'; when absent, C&P's current 'percent of total' would still be used, preserving backwards compatibility. The C&P generated receipt would show $20.00 for the Tax Deductible line item.

    Auctions for Salesforce has to function with multiple payment processors, so it can only provide one value for Tax Deductible Total that works for all. In the auction use scenario, dollar value makes sense rather than percent of total.

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    Sorry for the late reply- we had to figure out if this is a quick new feature we can add for you or needs to wait for later updates.

    The feature you are requesting cannot be done at this time. The eVT is a legacy feature that will be replaced with a new treatment in the next major update. At this time we are not in a position to add this feature quickly - but we have added this to the queue so we can work on it once the updates for this month are released. Some major updates are being released this month which is occupying all development teams.

    For your request we need to add a new parameter, namely FMV so it can be treated as the actual amount and not a percentage. We will update you once this feature is available.
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      Thank you for the response, I appreciate your considering this feature. A separate FMV parameter for the eVT would be great. Note however that the Tax Deductible field on the C&P receipt is the "opposite" of FMV - it is (Total Amount - FMV) - and it is the Tax Deductible field that donors need on their receipt for tax purposes. Auctions can pass FMV to C&P via a new parameter, but it won't ultimately benefit donors unless the C&P receipt can show Tax Deductible Amount somehow.