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Pulldown menu underneath products needs to be more visible!

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  • Pulldown menu underneath products needs to be more visible!

    Greetings - we have an event coming up, for which we are selling tickets on Click & Pledge. Our guests frequently miss the pulldown menu underneath the product that gives the various options. PLEASE make this menu more visible, or at least include a note that directs people to look for the pulldown menu.


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    New Designs

    Good suggestion.

    We are currently working on a number of checkout page designs that treat options differently. One design will show all options in an expanded form when the product is selected.

    I will discuss this with our team and figure out if we can make the pull down more noticeable.


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      I have just started using this system for the non-profit of which I am the webmaster and agree that these pull downs need to be more visible. The expanded form is needed because the narrow column could go off the bottom of a user's browser and there is no way to scroll down, because the pull down disappears as soon as you remove the mouse from the More Info text.
      Having additional options on how to display this information would be very valuable. Perhaps, instead of a pull down, a separate small window could be displayed.