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Can CnP user report access be restricted to a specific report ?

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  • Can CnP user report access be restricted to a specific report ?

    (Feel free to move this if it should be posted in a different forum).

    We use the C&P Virtual Terminal screen for Point-of-Sale. Currently the POS users are restricted to just using the C&P VT.

    I would like to give those users access to a custom report so they can get EOD totals (Cash/CC/etc) for the transactions they've entered.

    However, I don't really want them to be able to get reports on other C&P usage (such as donations thru our web page).

    So: Is it possible to restrict a User to accessing only certain reports ? (or certain campaigns ?)

    (We don't use Swiper1 any more because of bad experiences in the past with Swiper1;
    The new Bluetooth Swiper1 might be better, but we're now using Windows Notebooks for our POS terminals
    and AFAIK there's no Swiper1 type program which runs on Windows).


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    Hi Bill,

    Restricting Users to specific reports is not currently a feature of Connect. I will move your post to our 'New Ideas & Suggestions' group, so we can consider this as a direction to take with our products.

    I do see that your organization uses Salesforce. Salesforce does have a robust security setup so that if your user is set up correctly, they can only see the records that were created by them, so you could theoretically create a Salesforce report where your user would only see C&P transactions that they created. Obviously your user would need to use the Salesforce VT to create the transactions so that they are the owner of the records created (rather than being owned by the login that connects your C&P account to Salesforce) Your Salesforce Admin would need to review the user's access to see if the permissions would correctly limit the results of a report- and of course this would depend on how you created the report (whether it was based on C&P Transactions or on Opportunities).

    Here is a current Salesforce Trailhead Unit on setting access to records: Control Access to Records
    And a Salesforce Trailhead Unit on creating reports: Create Reports with the Report Builder

    ~ Amanda
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