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Additional Recurring Gift Update Options

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  • Additional Recurring Gift Update Options

    A few suggestions that would be super helpful for recurring donor management:

    My primary organization and a number of my clients heavily use the indefinite recurring subscription model. One of the common things we do is ask monthly donors to increase their monthly donation. We have numerous donors that update their donations by $5 or so once to twice a year. I'd love to have the functionality to modify a recurring donation's next installment amount either more or less depending on the donor without having to cancel and create a whole new recurring donation.

    I'd also love to be able to modify after a subscription is established:
    -Expiration Date without having to cancel/update all payment information over again (or Auto-expiration update like some providers have now).
    -Opt-In/Opt-Out of email receipt notifications
    -Number of future installments

    In addition from a data consumption perspective, I'd love to be able to modify C&P Recurrings to only map a custom question to the first installment and not every installment of a recurring gift.

    Thanks for constantly working to improve!