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  • Invoicing?

    Hi, I was on live help today and talked with Amanda. She has some feature requests for invoicing from us. Please let me know if/how/when I can give more input regarding invoicing. Thank you!

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    So Patti, from Live Support, I noted that you wanted the 'lookup' to work just like it does in VT.

    I reviewed invoices in the test environment. The 'Payment For' field autofill appears to work exactly like the one in Virtual Terminal.
    So I reviewed your instance, wondering if perhaps you had an older version of the app, but you are up to date.
    But I also noticed you have some default items set up for your invoice, and that when I add an additional item to the invoice, the script for the autofill appears to run, but no selection shows up. We're currently reviewing this.

    Is that what you meant by 'working like VT? I just want to confirm.

    Screenshot from VT
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-06-06_Oregon Council for Humanities 02.png
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ID:	39748

    Also, it looks like it pulls the default items from VT for the initial items on the invoice, were you suggesting that there could be a separate way of adding default items in Invoice Settings in the same way you do in VT Settings?

    Regarding inputting a different address for the Billing Information, I had no problem doing this in my demo org or in your instance.
    I must have misunderstood what you meant by this. Did you mean that you wanted to look up an Account rather than a Contact?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2018-06-06_Oregon Council for Humanities.png
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Size:	60.5 KB
ID:	39749

    And finally, as a side note, I notice you are not including the Salesforce sidebar and header for opening the invoice or the Virtual Terminal. Was this intentional?

    Thanks, Amanda

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